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This page has been reserved to answer some of the frequently asked questions submitted to the Dewey Beach Police Department.  If you cannot find your question here or as a category on our home page, you may submit your question at the bottom of this page.

I need to report an emergency!  How do I call the Police, Fire Department, or Ambulance?

Dial 911 for emergencies.  Non-emergency calls for service should be directed to the following numbers:

Dewey Beach Police Department - (302) 227-1110

Rehoboth Beach Police Department - (302) 227-2577

Delaware State Police - (302) 855-2980

Rehoboth Beach Fire Department - (302) 227-8400


How can I get a copy of a police report taken by a Dewey Beach police officer?

Victims of reported incidents may request and obtain a copy of a crime report by contacting the Dewey Beach Police Department at (302) 227-1128 or by obtaining the report in person at the police department.

How do I get a copy of a motor vehicle accident report that occurred in Dewey Beach?

The Dewey Beach Police Department releases copies of motor vehicle accident reports only to insurance companies upon written request.  Insurance companies pay a $ 25.00 fee for these reports.

How can I find out the status of my case?

The best way is to speak with the officer that took your report.  Normally patrol officers investigate their own cases.

How do I know who is investigating my case?

Normally, the officer who took the report from you is the investigating officer.

Who investigates my case once the seasonal officer leaves?

Seasonal officers are encouraged to make every attempt to close out all of their open cases before their departure date.  If necessary, the case will be turned over to a full-time officer to continue the investigation.

Will I be contacted if my open case ever comes to closure?

Under normal circumstances, the investigating officer will notify you of any important developments in your case.  We always encourage you to maintain in contact with the investigating officer during the process.  This ensures that you are kept up to date, and it also demonstrates your concern and interest to the investigator.

Will you call me if my property is found?

If your stolen property is recovered during an active investigation, you will be contacted by mail or by phone to make arrangements to have your property returned.  However, if your property is recovered much later after the case has been inactive, the only way you will be notified is if it can be traced back to you.  For example, if your computer was recovered several months after you reported it stolen, the only way to determine that it was stolen would be for an officer to check the serial number through the National Crime Information Center computer.  If it comes back stolen, then you will be notified.  It is critically important that you record the serial numbers of your property in a safe place immediately after its purchase.  It is also important to engrave it with your driver's license number and State.  Without either of these two numbers, the chances of recovering your property are slim at best.

What is the Violent Crimes Compensation Board?

The Violent Crimes Compensation Board has been established to assist those innocent victims of crime who sustain personal injury (bodily harm or extreme mental suffering).  They can be reached at 1 (302) 255-1770.  The Board, on a limited basis, may compensate victims of violent crimes for some property loss or damage.  You may be eligible for financial assistance if:

a.  You are an innocent victim of a violent crime.

b.  You cooperate with the law enforcement agencies in the apprehension, and prosecution of the assailant.

c.  You did not contribute to the infliction of your injuries.

** For other Statewide Assistance Resources click here


How many police officers are in the department?

We currently have 8 sworn, full-time officers and 3 part-time officers.

How many seasonal police officers do you hire?

We normally hire 30 seasonal police officers.

How do you recruit your officers?

We recruit our seasonal officers from local and regional colleges that offer criminal justice programs.  We also have personnel attend regional employment seminars / job fairs in search of applicants who are interested in law enforcement.  See our Employment page for details.

What kind of training does a police officer go through?

Our full-time police officers attend the Delaware State Police Academy in Dover, Delaware.  The recruit attends for six months and receives approximately 800 hours of instruction for basic law enforcement certification. Once the academy is completed, the officer will then be partnered with a Field Training Officer (F.T.O.) for at least 8 weeks.  The F.T.O. will make sure that the officer is capable of handling his/her duties safely and efficiently.

What kind of training do the seasonal police officers receive?

The State of Delaware requires a minimum of 21 hours of training for a seasonal police officer.  Our seasonal officers receive 48 hours of training, including laws of arrest, proper use of force, search and seizure, patrol procedures, report writing, courtroom procedures, etc.  They are trained on how to handle the many different incidents that they will encounter during the summer.

Where is the police station?

The Dewey Beach Police Department is located at 105 Rodney Avenue.  See our Map page for the location of Rodney Avenue.

How can I contact an individual officer?

To contact an officer, you may call the dispatcher at (302) 227-1128 and leave a message if the officer is not working.  It is important to remember that the officer may be on his or her days off and may not return your call for several days.  You can also email the officer.  See our e-mail page for details.

Who do I call if I think my neighbor is involved in criminal activity?

If there is a crime in progress, call the police department or 911 and report your observations so an officer can be dispatched.  If there is an ongoing problem, advise the dispatcher of the details so an officer can return your call or come by your house to speak with you personally.

Why won't the police officer return my call?

This may happen for a number of reasons.  Our officers work three days on and then are off duty for three days.  You should leave a message for the officer with the dispatcher or email the officer.  If you are unsuccessful, ask the dispatcher for the officer's supervisor and let them know you have been unable to get in touch with the officer.

Can I ride along with a police officer on patrol?

Almost anyone can ride along with a police officer.  Persons desiring to participate in the Dewey Beach Police Department's Ride Along Program must complete a Ride Along Program application, a waiver of civil liability and indemnification agreement.  The application and waiver must be submitted to the Dewey Beach Police Department at least three (3) days prior to the anticipated ride along date.

Does the department have a lost and found?

Yes, If you have had something stolen, or lost your wallet, keys, etc., you should call or stop by the police department to see if it has been turned in.  All found property will be logged into the department's records and stored in the dispatch center on a temporary basis.  You can reach the dispatch center at (302) 227-1128.

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Last Updated 09/08/2016