Motorcycle Unit

2005 Harley-Davidson FLHTPI Electra Glide Motorcycles

The primary duties of the motorcycle unit are traffic enforcement, traffic control, escorts, and special event traffic control.  Additionally, motorcycle officers respond to dispatched patrol calls as backup and, not infrequently, as primary officers at crime scene.  Because of their mobility, motorcycle officers are frequently the first units to respond to alarms, burglaries, fires, and assaults.  Escorts, parades, and traffic and crowd control associated with special events are areas that motorcycle officers handle with great efficiency.  Motorcycle officers are permanently assigned their own motorcycle.  When weather is such that motorcycle operations are unsafe or imprudent, due to snow or icy conditions, motorcycle officers are assigned to traffic cars.    


Motorcycle officers (L-R) Corporal Naar and Sergeant Barber

The Dewey Beach Police Department currently uses the Harley-Davidson FLHTPI Electra Glide Police Motorcycle.  The Electra Glide has a 1450cc OHV Twin Cam 88 engine.  Both police motorcycles are equipped with an anti-lock brake system.  The motorcycle unit continually tests and evaluates all equipment made available to it.  The evaluation is done with the SAFETY and comfort of the officer being of utmost importance.  It is believed that the officers are operating the best, most cost effective and reliable police motorcycle equipment available.

Officers in the motorcycle unit must successfully complete the Basic Police Motorcycle Operators Course.  This training consists of a closed course stress/obstacle course at high and low speeds, braking exercises, and a long ride, all designed to force the officer to perform at a level that nearly exceeds their ability in order to replicate the frequent split second situations, or adverse street conditions, that can cause accidents.

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Last Updated 03/01/2006