Departmental Services

2000 Ford Police Interceptor

Patrol Division

The patrol division consists of three shifts. The Dewey Beach Police Department adds two additional shifts during the summer months to provide increased service to the residents and visitors of the town. A sergeant or lieutenant serves in the capacity of shift commander and is assisted by a senior officer assigned to each shift. The patrol division works three ten hour shifts and has three days off during the fall and winter months. The department changes the patrol division's shifts during the spring and summer months to five eight hour shifts followed by two days off. The shifts do not rotate between days and nights. Officers assigned to the patrol division are cross trained in various areas of including domestic violence, evidence collection, photography, accident investigation, patrol techniques, RADAR, DUI enforcement, missing persons and other related skills. These duties are included in the officers daily activities.

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Foot Patrol

The Community Foot Patrol is composed of our seasonal police officers.  Police officers are usually assigned up to two streets to patrol.  Their mission is multifaceted.  Their primary duties are clearly directed at providing assistance to the residents and visitors of the Town of Dewey Beach.  These officers proactively patrol their assigned streets to deter and detect criminal activity.  A foot patrol unit usually consists of one officer.  Foot patrol officers work a different rotation of shifts than regular patrol.  Officers in foot patrol become very familiar with all elements of the area they are assigned to.  Some areas are assigned several foot patrol officers due to the large crowds that are known to form in certain areas of the Town.  Lastly these officers are highly visible representatives of the full time force.

Traffic Enforcement

Motor Vehicle Stop

Traffic enforcement is the responsibility of the patrol division.  The Town of Dewey Beach has a major highway known as State Route 1, Coastal Highway or Ocean Highway going through the center of the town.  This highway is traveled heavily during the summer months and is traveled by thousands on any given holiday or weekend in the summer.  The Dewey Beach Police Department conducts all traffic enforcement operations within the town limits of Dewey Beach.  The Dewey Beach Police Department also conducts highway criminal interdiction operations.  Additionally, many fugitives have been apprehended on outstanding warrants from Delaware and other states during traffic enforcement operations.  Besides speed limit enforcement, DBPD officers also concentrate efforts on registration and license violations utilizing their mobile computer terminals located in their patrol cars.  The Dewey Beach Police Department is also responsible for investigating serious personal injury motor vehicle accidents, collisions involving commercial vehicles, vehicular assaults, and accident with extenuating circumstances within the Town limits of Dewey Beach.

Minor Motor Vehicle Accident

Criminal Division

Criminal investigations are the responsibility of the patrol division.  At the present time, the Dewey Beach Police Department has no full time dedicated officers (detectives) in the criminal division.  The department has one officer who handles numerous cases each year ranging from burglaries and serious sexual assault cases to special investigations and frauds.  The Chief of Police directly supervises all major cases.

Cocaine and cash seized during a drug arrest

Evidence Collection

Officers assigned to the patrol division are crossed trained in different areas including evidence collection, photography and a variety of other special skills.  These officers are assigned the task of responding to major cases such as robberies, and major burglaries to process a crime scene to locate minute pieces of evidence left behind.  This may involve dusting the area for latent fingerprint evidence, bloodstains, DNA evidence, crime scene photography and more.

Winter Watch Program

The Dewey Beach Police Department is responsible for the safety and protection of its residents and many visitors year round.  In addition to normal law enforcement duties, the DBPD offers its citizens community programs such as winter watch; a program designed to maintain the security of residents' property during the winter months.  Residents or property owners who wish to participate in this program can contact us for the necessary form.  You will be asked the following information: your name, address of property owner,  home and work telephone numbers.  Once this information is on file, officers will make periodic checks on your property.  Should the officers discover any signs of damage, the officers will be able to contact the property owner.  This program has worked well to assist officers on patrol after severe storms, and during cold temperatures, when broken water pipes were found.

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